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Android 20

Dr Gero / Android 20 SCultures Zoukei Tenkaichi Budokai Dragon Ball Z. Homepage; Bandai Spirits (Banpresto); Dr Gero / Android 20 SCultures Zoukei. Sie haben zum ersten Mal ein Android-Smartphone in der Hand? Wir helfen Ihnen mit 20 Einsteiger-Tipps, sich auf Ihrem neuen Gerät zurecht. Samsung: Android 11 für Galaxy S10 und neuer sicher – Start im Dezember Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra neben dem S20 Ultra – beide.

QuietComfort® 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones – Samsung- und Android™-Geräte

FLIR ONE PRO Android Micro USB Wärmebildkamera bis + °C x Pixel Hz. Bestell-Nr.: - Hst.-Teile-Nr.: Android 20 - Doctor Gero - Dragon Ball Z Kai SCultures Tenka Budouki Zankei Champion Figure by Banpresto bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser. Android 20, Vile Creator BT FOIL Dragon Ball Super TCG Near MintSammeln & Seltenes, Sammelkartenspiele/TCGs, TCG Einzelkarten.

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Goku Meets Dr Gero 1080p HD

Absorption Barrier - Lüttichau Helmfried combination of Energy Absorption and Android Barrier developed by Android 20 for himself in his story mode in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2. Gero's Hat Liam Garrigan as clothing and an accessory in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Future Trunks attacks but, at that moment, Kid Goku and Krillin arrive. He tells Vegeta not to interfere Sexpartys München he wants to face Android 20 personally. Amazon Music Streamen Sie Millionen von Songs. Siehe Details. Amazon Warehouse Reduzierte B-Ware. ZAHLEN Vorbestellen Scale Figures Preisangaben Letzte Ergänzungen.

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Absorption - In all scenarios, she absorbs many clones. In the Super Warrior Arc she absorbs Nappa, Cell, the Ginyu Force and finally Frieza.

Like Cell and Majin Buu, this makes her more powerful. Android 21's absorption resembles a combination of Majin Buu's Candy Beam and Cell's absorption ability as she can increase her power by turning others into food and eating them.

Connoisseur Cut - A move that lets Android 21 absorb an opponents energy and use up to four of her opponents moves. There is a pool of eight moves she can copy with their availability depending on the enemy she took ki from.

Notably, ki attacks copied with this move are red and black in color. Solar Flare - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut.

It is functionally identical to Krillin's version but can be used in the air. Obtained from enemies somewhat connected to Goku.

Kamehameha - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. Homing Energy Blast - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut.

It is similar to Piccolo's version, but she can only conjure a single orb at a time. Obtained from alien or godly enemies. Ki Blast Rush - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut.

A series of rapid-fire blasts. Obtained from enemies connected to Vegeta. Sticky Energy Blast - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut.

It is a command grab where she throws the opponent across the arena. Barrier Sphere - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut.

Obtained from enemies connected to androids. Explosive Energy Blast - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut.

Obtained from enemies connected to the Androids. Instant Transmission - One of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. Also used to teleport Android 21 to the Sacred World of the Kai.

In the Super Warriors Arc, Android 21 learns it via mimicry after seeing it being used by Goku to travel to the Sacred World of the Kais.

Hors d'Oeuvre Stab - Android 21 flies down towards the opponent from the air and strikes them into the ground. Total Detonation Ball - Android 21 launches a ball of ki that flies across the screen and explodes on impact.

The heavy version of this move will discard all her acquired moves in exchange for extra power. Absolute Release Ball - A bigger version of Total Detonation Ball, used by Android 21 to destroy Android It is normal Android 21's super attack in Dragon Ball Heroes.

In Dokkan Battle , it is used by Android 21 in her human form as her Super Attack, though with her good personality in control of her body. Android 21 firing her Death Beam-like Photon Wave in Dragon Ball FighterZ Photon Wave - A move where Android 21 produces a Death Beam -like attack that explodes where it hits along the ground.

Excellent Full Course - Android 21's other Level 3 Super, where she flies into the opponent, hitting them with a flurry of dash attacks, before striking them to the ground and fires a ki blast from on top of them.

Appetizing Rush - her move given to her exclusively in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 from Ultra Pack 2 DLC Survivability - Thanks to possessing cells from Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu, Android 21 possess great survivability and endurance.

Regeneration - Thanks to possessing cells from Piccolo, Cell, Kid Buu and Good Buu, Android 21 possess one of the greatest regenerative capabilities in the series.

Fission - After destroying Android 16 in the Android 21 Arc , Android 21 releases her evil hunger persona as a separate entity.

This ability was apparently inherited from her Majin cells instead of her Namekian Cells, as the good and evil halves are not life linked as revealed the good half reveals during a special conversation with Piccolo and Tien.

Normal Android 21 art for Dragon Ball Legends A form representing Android 21's original human self. Android 21 Good Main article: Android 21 Good Android 21 Good is the result of Android 21 after releasing her evil hunger persona.

While strong, She is considerably weaker than her evil half, which took most of her power. This side of Android 21 is not only noticeably kind and caring, but extremely resentful and apologetic, and while weaker than her evil side in power, she was willing to grow stronger in order to fight against her evil self, siding with the Z Warriors in the process.

While weaker than her evil self, after getting stronger by battling many foes she was capable of holding her off long enough for Goku to charge up a Spirit Bomb, though ultimately choose to die with her evil half to prevent her hunger from hurting her newfound friends as it had Android Android 21 Evil Main article: Android 21 Evil Android 21 Evil is the evil half of Android 21's fission, and the much more powerful one, having absorbed most of her power.

After absorbing Cell she transforms into a more powerful state, and in this state, she was capable of holding back Goku's fully powered Spirit Bomb after absorbing many clones.

However, she was ultimately destroyed by said Spirit Bomb as a result of her good half sacrificing herself. Power Suppression Wave Machine - Android 21 has access to Dr.

Gero's power suppressing wave machine which she can activate and deactivate via remote which suppresses the power of anyone with a high power level provided they are not linked with a soul natural or artificial or divine being such as an Angel , God of Destruction , or Core Person mortal God-like Saiyans will still be effected as they are mortals who have acquired divine power as both Goku and Vegeta were effected.

Wave Machine Remote - Use by Android 21 to activate the Power Suppression Wave Machine, which weakens her evil personality's control allowing her original personality to regain control during the Android 21 Arc.

Soul Link System - Android 21 has access to Dr. Gero's Soul Linking technology which allows natural or artificial souls to be linked to another person, allowing them to possess and control them.

Like some female Majin, she wears a tube top to cover her breasts and a matching pair of black gauntlets with a single strap that wrapped around her middle finger.

Gero quickly reaches his lab, and leaps up into the cave which houses it. As he is about to enter, however, his sensors detect something, and he turns around to see Krillin looking at him.

Gero thinks that Krillin will not be able to do anything, and opens the door to his lab. He then tells Krillin that even if he calls the others, they will be too late now.

Krillin then raises his ki, and Piccolo, Tien, Vegeta, and Trunks all sense it. Gero, inside his lab, says that he would have preferred not to activate 17 and 18, but that he has no choice now, and hopes that he has made them obedient.

He then activates Android 17, while holding his Shut Down Remote. After awakening, Android 17 says good morning to Dr. When Gero comments on his politeness, Android 17 says that Gero is his creator, though he eyes the remote.

Relieved that Android 17 appears to be operating properly, in Dragon Ball Z Kai, Gero believes he successfully reprogrammed 17's personality , Gero then activates Android Android 18 is polite to Gero as well, though she also eyes the remote.

She comments on the fact that Gero has made himself into a android, and Gero says that he wanted eternal life. He also says that he previously devoted too much time to their infinite energy reactor, in Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dr.

Gero explains that in order for their infinite energy reactors to function, he had to disable the behavioral limiters wired into their firmware , and that they would not obey him.

He then relates the news that the Z Fighters are en route, and tells the twin androids to kill them all, which they agree to do.

The Z Fighters soon arrive and begin attempting to break in. This momentarily distracts Gero, and 17 steals the remote from him. Much to Gero's horror, he then crushes the remote and tells Gero that he will not put them to sleep again.

Suddenly, Vegeta blasts the door down and the androids are surrounded by the Z Fighters. Gero tells Android 18 and Android 17 to kill the Z Fighters, mentioning that they destroyed Android 19 and almost killed him.

Android 17 asks if 19 was an energy absorption model and the one who converted him into android, and Gero replies that he was.

Android 18 asks if Gero went back to the old energy absorption model on a more recent android because infinite energy models like she and Android 17 were too powerful to control.

Gero tells them that it does not matter now, and orders the pair to kill the Z Fighters, but 17 says that they will fight when they want.

Gero is even more upset when Android 18 begins inspecting a chamber labeled "16". Android 18 notices that 16 is also an infinite energy model and asks how the android inside is different from them, but Gero tells her to get away from 16's chamber.

Android 17 tells Android 18 to activate Android 16, but Gero tells them not to, as 16 was a failure and would put the entire world at risk.

Android 18 questions why he kept 16 around, and Gero says he was planning on fixing him later. Android 17 says that he has a much higher power rating than Android 16, and tells Android 18 to activate him.

Gero calls the pair failures, and says he will deactivate them all for good. Android 17 reminds him that the remote is destroyed, but Gero says he can build another.

Once more, he yells at Android 18 not to activate Android 16, but suddenly Android 17 brutally murders Gero by impaling him from behind with his arm, decapitating him with a swift kick, and then stepping on Gero's still-living head.

His remains are later destroyed along with what seems to be the rest of his laboratory at the hands of Future Trunks when he fires the Buster Cannon with the intention of destroying Android 17 and Android Main article: Kid Buu Saga In filler, Dr.

Gero is permitted by King Yemma to keep his android body while entering Hell but the reason is unknown. Along with Cell , Frieza, King Cold, and the Ginyu Force , Dr.

Gero watches the final battle between Goku and Kid Buu , being one of the very few people cheering for Kid Buu. Main article: Super 17 Saga.

Gero is first seen in Dragon Ball GT in Hell, greeting Dr. Myuu after Myuu is destroyed by Baby. There, the two scientists work on a plan to create the ultimate android which could destroy Goku.

They came up with a plan to combine both of their technologies and achieve the perfect Android by fusing Hell Fighter 17 and Android 17 to create Super Then, they created a dimensional hole to get both androids in the same place, Earth.

On Earth, while Super 17 is engaged in combat with Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks , Goten , and Majuub , Pan sneakily grabs Dr. Gero from behind to make Super 17 stop attacking Vegeta.

The doctor does, but the terrifying creation turns to him. It turned out that Dr. Myuu reprogrammed Super 17 to only obey him.

In an ironic twist of fate, Dr. Gero meets his end at the hands of 17 again. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!

Gero's death at the hands of Androids 17 and 18 is shown at the start of the film. After his death, his hatred transferred to his computer , [11] which completed Androids 14, 15 and In addition, he was also given several mentions in the film itself, mostly in relation to Androids 13, 14, and 15 and their vendetta against Goku.

In the Funimation dub, Dr. Gero's Supercomputer also proceeds to speak with Dr. Gero's voice whereas the Japanese version merely implies that the supercomputer was acting in Gero's name.

Main article: Dragon Ball SD. Main article: Red Ribbon Army Saga Dr. Gero appears briefly during the battle of Muscle Tower, though he is not present at the tower, he watches Android 8 betray the Red Ribbon Army and starts planning Android 17 and Android Ironically, Gero in this particular SD comic resembles the Parsley City Old Man.

Main article: Fortuneteller Baba Saga Dr. Gero appears in the second bonus chapter for Dragon Ball SD : after defeating Future Cell , Future Trunks travels even farther back in time in order to stop Gero from making the Androids in the first place.

As Future Trunks arrives, Gero is attempting to lure the girl who would eventually become Android 18 to him with a lollipop.

Future Trunks attacks but, at that moment, Kid Goku and Krillin arrive. Gero sends out Android 9 to fight them, but Goku defeats him with a single kick.

Gero promises never to cause trouble again but later goes back on his word by swearing revenge on Goku once again, causing Future Trunks' trip to be for nothing, as the future carries on as it would anyway.

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors It is shown in Cell's scenario that Gero manages to survive the encounter in his laboratory due to a backup plan.

On the day of the announcement of the Cell Games , Gero is amazed that Cell has come from the future and went to gain his support in realizing the dream of the Red Ribbon Army, only for Cell to reveal that he did not care for Gero's plans.

Angry at his rebellion, Gero fights against Cell and is defeated. Gero then says that he is surprised at how strong Cell has become before he is destroyed once more.

Main articles: Dragon Ball Online and Dr. Gero clone A clone of Dr. Gero appears as an antagonist, which takes place in Age Main article: Dragon Ball Fusions Android 20 is among the many Red Ribbon Androids who finds himself in the Timespace Rift created by Tekka and Pinich's wish to Shenron to create a tournament to determine the strongest in time and space.

Additionally, it is revealed that several other Androids where created in other timelines by Dr. Gero's villain database which includes Android 33 , Android 44 , Android 55 , and Namekian Android During Sub-Event : " Justice's Little Ally ", Android 20 leads 19, 18, and 17 in an attack on Satan City though they are driven off by Uub causing the Androids to split up into pairs.

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If it’s new in the world of Android, you can find it here. Important household sounds become more accessible. Read the full article "Hey Google" now works with your Android apps. Read the full article. Android 11 (Go edition): New features coming to more devices.
Android 20
Android 20 Flagship with a great value. Archived from the original on February 7, Now I have eternal life like you. Archived from the original on September 25, Suga Birthday November 27, Start a Wiki. In the Super Warrior Arc she absorbs Nappa, Cell, the Ginyu Force and finally Frieza. New audio effects such as reverb, equalization, headphone virtualization, and bass boost. Vegeta says that Saiyans cannot be Deutsch Auf Arabisch to numbers and wonders if androids can feel fear, Florian Heider transforms into a Super Saiyan. Computer Nord Nord Mord Zdf portal. Samsung: Android 11 für Galaxy S10 und neuer sicher – Start im Dezember Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra neben dem S20 Ultra – beide. Dragon Ball Z Kai Tenka Budouki Zankei Champion Figure-Android 20 Doctor Gero: Spielzeug. Android 20 - Doctor Gero - Dragon Ball Z Kai SCultures Tenka Budouki Zankei Champion Figure by Banpresto bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser. Dr Gero / Android 20 SCultures Zoukei Tenkaichi Budokai Dragon Ball Z. Homepage; Bandai Spirits (Banpresto); Dr Gero / Android 20 SCultures Zoukei. Android 20 – Robotic body of Dr. Gero with the organic brain of the late doctor installed in the head. Android 20 was destroyed by Android 17 and then again by Super Android 20 was destroyed by Android 17 and then again by Super "Artificial Human No. 20"), is a supporting antagonist in the Dragon Ball franchise, appearing in the Dragon Ball manga and the animes Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. He is a genius scientist who is the mastermind behind the Red Ribbon Androids, chief amongst them the bio-organic Cell. Dr. Gero is the main antagonist of the Androids Saga. Android 20 is confronted by the Z-Fighters during the Androids Saga of the main plot. Warned of the arrival of two androids by Future Trunks, the group finds that Android 20 is in fact Dr. Gero. Directory: Characters → Villains → Former villains Android 21 (人造人間21号, Jinzōningen Nijūichi-Gō, lit. "Artificial Human No. 21") is an Android who appears as the main antagonist of Dragon Ball FighterZ when in her evil persona. Her intellect rivals that of Dr. Gero,3 though she may be even smarter than he was.4 1 Concept and creation 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Biography Dr. Gero (ドクター・ゲロ, Dokutā Gero), also known as Android 20 (人造人間20号, Jinzōningen Nijugō), is a supporting antagonist in the Dragon Ball franchise, appearing in the Dragon Ball manga and the anime Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. He is a genius scientist who is the mastermind behind the Red Ribbon Army and the Android.

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