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Marvel Runaways

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Januar bei Netflix. 03 Uhr: Scheinbar haben es alle irgendwie geschafft, das Streaming wre fast gefahrlos.

Marvel Runaways

Marvel Runaways [dt./OV]. Staffel 1. Staffel 1 · Staffel 2. (72)X-Ray Sechs Kids lüften ein schreckliches Geheimnis ihrer Eltern. Untertitel: English [CC]. Der erste Aspekt, der Marvel's Runaways von anderen Superhelden-Serien abhebt, ist die Tatsache, dass es hier um Charaktere im Teenager-Alter geht. Die​. Sky hat Staffel 3 der Serie "Marvel's Runaways" veröffentlicht. Hier bekommen Sie alle wichtigen Infos rund um Start, Besetzung, Handlung und.

Marvel’s Runaways

Superhelden gegen Superschurken. Coming-of-Age-Serie aus dem Marvel-Haus​. Die 2. Staffel von "Marvel's Runaways", TV-Premiere. Sky hat Staffel 3 der Serie "Marvel's Runaways" veröffentlicht. Hier bekommen Sie alle wichtigen Infos rund um Start, Besetzung, Handlung und. Marvel Runaways [dt./OV]. Staffel 1. Staffel 1 · Staffel 2. (72)X-Ray Sechs Kids lüften ein schreckliches Geheimnis ihrer Eltern. Untertitel: English [CC].

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Karolina Dean - All Powers #3 (Marvel's Runaways)

Angel Parker Catherine Wilder. The daughter of alien invaders, she is a solar-powered alien known as a Majesdanian. Ten years prior, Leslie murders Gene and Alice Hernandez with a Netflix Oder Amazon while Tina listens on the phone. Sie spielt im Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU. Hinweis: Du befindest Dich auf der Webseite von Sky Österreich. Die Runaways bekommen in diesem Storyarc Gesellschaft von dem Team Excelsior, einer Gruppierung junger B-Helden, die von einem anonymen Split Kkiste beauftragt wurden, die Runaways zu finden. Ryan Sands. Follows a group of six teenagers in the Marvel universe - Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, Molly Hernandez, Chase Stein, Alex Wilder, and Gertrude Yorkes - who discover that their parents are secretly members of a super-villain cabal called The Pride. After deciding they're no longer safe in their own homes, the kids go on the run. Marvel's Runaways, or simply Runaways, is an American web television series based on the Marvel Comics team of the same name. It was produced by Marvel Television and aired on Hulu. The first season premiered on November 21, , and concluded on January 9, The second season was released on December 21, The Runaways are a team of teenagers who banded together with the purpose of taking down PRIDE, a group formed by their respective parents. After witnessing them sacrifice Destiny Gonzalez, the kids made it their mission to thwart their parents' project. However, the Runaways were forced to run as they had been framed for the death of Gonzalez. Marvel's Runaways, or simply Runaways, is an American television series created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage for the streaming service Hulu, based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name. It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), sharing continuity with the films and other television series of the franchise. Upon realizing that their parents were Super Villains, Gertrude Yorkes, Chase Stein, Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, and Molly Hayes left home and went out on their own. They became the Runaways. Alternate Versions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Technical Specs. A live-action adaptation of the series was in development for several years, leading to the Runaways television series. Programming subject to regional availability, blackouts, and Sky Live Stream Kostenlos Filme restrictions. Tv Program.De is forced to watch an ailing Nico as Jonah gives her an ultimatum. The Linux Parallel Zu Windows barge into the secret room, only to realize that the Pride has moved the sacrifice somewhere else. The Runaways are upset at this news, but they have her stall Jonah through texts while they organize a rescue mission for Karolina's family. Runaways 2 July [64]. Alex uses a meeting for their parents' group the Pride Serie Berlin Berlin reach out to the others, but they turn him down. Nico meets with Tina, who tells her to stay away from Morgan.

Juni, Marvel Runaways einen Gefallen". - Inhaltsverzeichnis

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Episode 2: Sneak Peek. Episode 3: Sneak Peek. From Page to Screen. Not Your Typical Friendsgiving. About this Show Marvel's Runaways Every teenager thinks their parents are evil.

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For personal and non-commercial use only. It's time for the Runaways to stop Jonah, once and for all. But while the kids scramble to stall out Jonah's plan, the parents unexpectedly arrive.

Will PRIDE fight against their own kids or join Angry at his betrayal, the Runaways meet with Chase. He offers them a choice: surrender to PRIDE or face the consequences.

As the kids attempt their escape, they're separated and forced to survive The group feels more fractured than ever when Molly arrives with a devastating message from her parents; the kids must stop their parents before it's too late.

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Follows a group of six teenagers in the Marvel universe - Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, Molly Hernandez, Chase Stein, Alex Wilder, and Gertrude Yorkes - who discover that their parents are secretly members of a super-villain cabal called The Pride.

After deciding they're no longer safe in their own homes, the kids go on the run. In the midst of hiding from their elders, the teens learn about themselves and become a family of their own.

This season was incredible. They improve so much since season one. We got to see some ery good action scenes and also the history development was bery good.

We got to discovered more about the main characters ambitions. Good performance by all the cast, specially Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer and Gregg Sulkin.

I'm Just goona have to wait for season three now. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Marvel comic book series. Runaways Vol. Science fiction , superhero.

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December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: Runaways TV series. Retrieved Vaughan Talks Runaways Exit". Archived from the original on Vaughan to Leave Runaways With Issue 24".

Vaughan Announces Departure From "Runaways " ". Comic Book Resources. Retrieved November 25, All Things Considered. Do Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona finish on a strong note?

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Vaughan Adrian Alphona. Nico Minoru Karolina Dean Chase Stein Gertrude Yorkes Molly Hayes Old Lace Victor Mancha.

Alex Wilder Leapfrog Klara Prast Xavin. The Pride Geoffrey Wilder The Gibborim Topher Masters of Evil Val Rhymin Skrull Wrecking Crew Doctor Doom Kingpin.

Cloak and Dagger Excelsior Young Avengers. Loners Avengers Arena Avengers Undercover Secret Wars: Runaways. Runaways " Reunion ". Stan Lee Jack Kirby.

Kl'rt Xavin. Ant-Man Avengers Black Panther Black Widow Captain America Carol Danvers Falcon Hawkeye Hulk Iron Man Quicksilver Scarlet Witch She-Hulk Thor Vision Wasp Blade Captain Marvel Daredevil Deadpool Doctor Strange Fantastic Four Mister Fantastic Invisible Woman Human Torch Thing Galactus Ghost Rider Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord Gamora Drax the Destroyer Rocket Raccoon Groot Inhumans Iron Fist Jessica Jones Kree Ronan the Accuser Luke Cage Miles Morales Mockingbird Moon Knight New Warriors Nick Fury Nova Punisher Runaways S.

Shi'ar Silver Surfer Spider-Man Spider-Woman Symbiote Venom War Machine Winter Soldier X-Men Angel Beast Colossus Cyclops Gambit Iceman Jubilee Kitty Pryde Nightcrawler Phoenix Professor X Psylocke Rogue Storm Wolverine Young Avengers.

Kree—Skrull War Annihilation Secret Invasion Empyre. Patrick Norris. Jonah has all the parents recorded during their first sacrifice so as to keep them in check and to prevent them from leaving the Pride.

The Pride hosts their annual gala and the kids use the time to download footage of the previous sacrifices from the Minorus' servers.

Gert walks in on a intimate confession between Karolina and Nico, and asks Karolina if she likes her. Karolina ignores her comment and tells her that she would love that since it would allow her to be with Chase.

While drunk on the roof, Karolina discovers she can fly and Chase kisses her, which she is placid to. Alex and Nico break into Tina's office to get the footage, causing Nico to become suspicious of him as he knew the password rather easily.

During the Pride members' speech, Victor reveals his knowledge of Robert and Janet's tryst and collapses from his brain tumor.

Jonah uses his experimental medicine to revive him, making him happily euphoric with his family. Frank appears to know about Leslie and Jonah's secret relationship, but keeps this information to himself.

Molly, in an effort to learn more about her parents, accidentally lets slip to Catherine about her knowledge of the Pride. Victor sees a message from Chase from the future telling him not to pick up the fistigons.

Frank gets healing gloves from Jonah, causing Leslie to become suspicious. Molly becomes distant from the others and tries joining the cheerleaders, but finds solace with Karolina's friendship with her.

Dale and Stacy discover that Jonah's cure makes people hyperactive and euphoric, but gives them a drawn-out hangover. At an open house, Leslie gets Janet to break up with Robert, who agrees due to Victor's changing behavior and has Tina take Robert back.

Geoffrey and Catherine tell Dale and Stacy that they must do something about Molly as she knows about the Pride's activities. They tell Molly she is going to be sent away, which angers her.

Gert comforts her and convinces her to leave to keep the group safe. Frank discovers that Jonah has been living for a long time and finally confronts Leslie about what she and Jonah have been doing.

Nico forces Alex to reveal how he knew Tina's password. Victor suddenly becomes violent again and attacks his son with the fistigons, only to get shot by Janet.

Millicent Shelton. Victor bleeds out as the Pride members arrive to try and patch him up, though this proves to be ineffective and he slips into a coma.

Leslie summons Frank to use his healing gloves, but they fail and Victor dies. Tina contacts Jonah, who instructs them to sacrifice Janet for Victor, causing the Pride to argue.

Robert decides to sacrifice himself instead, but Tina destroys the pod; reaffirming her devotion to him. Victor is carried away to be revived later.

Karolina decides to tell Frank everything she knows about the Pride, getting him to her side. Alex reveals to an angry Nico that he was aware of Amy's snooping and was told to keep her information secret.

Molly ends up living with her relative, Graciela, who gives her a letter containing a key. It leads her to a locker with a VHS tape.

Nico finds Amy's things and Alex successfully gets the footage of their parents, but his laptop is destroyed by Chase because Pride is the only way to save his father.

In flashback, Amy learns from Alex that her laptop was hacked and confides her findings to Kincaid. Amy tries to run away from home, but is caught by an unseen man.

Ten years prior, Leslie murders Gene and Alice Hernandez with a bomb while Tina listens on the phone.

Molly survives due to strange glowing rocks that she is holding. In the present, Janet covers for Victor's absence to the public as Jonah tasks the remaining Pride members with his current plan; to use Geoffrey's drilling company to dig a hole underneath Los Angeles.

Darius monitors the area and voices his suspicions to his wife. Molly returns to the group with the VHS tape, which contains a video from her parents warning her about the Pride's activities.

The kids decide to use the school dance as a cover to infiltrate the drilling site. Before leaving, Gert and Chase have sex while Karolina kisses Nico, revealing her feelings for her.

Frank reveals everything he knows to Jonah, who relays the fact that the kids know everything to their parents. The kids arrive at the drilling site and manage to stop the drill.

The Pride arrive to confront their kids, who have all decided to finally take a stand. The kids reveal their powers and the Pride is shocked.

Karolina is kidnapped by Jonah while the rest of the Runaways hide. They make it to the woods outside L. Finding new disguises, Chase and Molly sneak into the Church of Gibborim to rescue Karolina while Alex waits outside and overhears his parents announcing their intent to find him themselves.

Leslie and the Yorkes discover that Jonah is digging for something "alive". Leslie reveals that she was indirectly responsible for Amy's death and that she is unsure of Frank's loyalty.

She manages to convince the Yorkes, the Minorus, and Janet to join her in killing Jonah. Alex makes a deal with Darius; telling him everything about the Pride.

In return, Darius gives Alex hundreds of dollars and a gun. Jonah plans his next move with Frank over Victor's body and reveals that he needs another sacrifice.

The Runaways make it to a bus stop and are reunited with Old Lace , but are forced to run upon seeing that they have been framed for Destiny's murder.

Allison Liddi-Brown. While the Pride continues to search for their children, Chase gets his fistigons while Alex's money is stolen by a homeless biker named Mike on a Bike.

Alex, who won't explain where he got the money, goes off to get more from Darius, who has him paint his unborn son's bedroom.

He also meets Livvie, Darius' sister-in-law, who finds him attractive. The Yorkes learn about the Hernandezes' VHS tape and go to Graciela to get it.

When she reacts violently, Tina kills her and makes it look like she died of natural causes. The Runaways find her body and hold a memorial for her at a homeless gathering.

Jonah tells an unconscious Victor that they need to help each other get better. The rest of the Pride decide they need to act against Jonah, so Tina takes command with Geoffrey as her "co-captain".

The Runaways find Mike on a Bike and get their stuff back; discovering a hidden hostel in the mountains which they call home in the process.

Karolina meets with Jonah privately to discuss their relationship when they feel a violent earthquake. Jonah teaches Karolina how to use her powers without her bracelet.

Alex finally tells the other Runaways that he is working with Darius, much to their chagrin. Jonah seeks Janet's help with Victor's work.

Afterwards, she takes a book from Jonah that she must translate and tells Geoffrey about what she is up to. Karolina, Nico, and Molly break into the Minorus' house to steal the Staff of One and wind up fighting Tina.

After some coaxing, Tina relents, but tells Nico that they're no longer family. Nico realizes that Karolina doesn't need her bracelet and accuses her of holding back.

Chase and Gert further their relationship and try to bring power back to the hostel. They blow a fuse and together use Old Lace to scare away power workers and steal some of their equipment.

Alex returns to help Darius and gets closer to Livvie, who doesn't believe the news about him. Molly sneaks out of the hostel just as the Wilders decide to frame someone else for Destiny's murder to bring their kids out.

Darius calls Geoffrey to tell him that he knows where Alex is. The Runaways attempt to use their new abilities without Alex, who is still conversing with Darius and his family.

Gert is still antsy without her medication, which concerns Chase. Molly continues to sneak out and use her powers to "fight crime", with Nico reprimanding her, though she does not tell Gert.

Leslie is upset with Frank for taking over the church, but he tells her that he is just playing along with Jonah.

Jonah has Leslie get his DNA from the Yorkes and tries to get Victor to study his blueprints. He sends Janet into Victor's mind and she has him help her decode Jonah's language.

Darius finally sells out Alex to Geoffrey, who in turn tries to make amends with him by giving him a hotel key card. Alex secretly sends help to the Runaways, who come and save him.

Darius arrives at the hotel and meets Catherine, who kills him and frames him for Destiny's murder; clearing the Runaways.

Alex re-situates himself with his friends while Gert discovers Molly's midnight runs. She is followed back to the hostel by another teenager named Topher , who covers for them.

Tracy McMillan. Everyone, except Molly, does not trust Topher despite his friendly demeanor. Nico notices him applying a strange substance to his wrist that he uses to show his strength, but keeps it to herself.

In the morning, Topher bonds with Molly over a possible relationship. Geoffrey chastises Catherine for betraying Darius. Karolina once again sneaks off to meet with Jonah under the guise of looking for employment.

Alex realizes that they need to get a computer drive from Atlas Academy, so the group plus Topher go there to look. While Topher is inside, the Yorkeses trigger an earthquake at the drilling site, causing the students to exit the school.

Gert sneaks in, but is caught by the nurse, alerting the parents who come looking for their kids. The Runaways get the computer drive and escape.

Jonah and Karolina head to the drilling site and spot the Yorkeses leaving. Nico snags Topher's substance from him and demands to know what it is.

A sickly Jonah takes a curious Karolina down the drilling hole for answers. Scott Peters. Jake Fogelnest. Topher claims that he was kicked out by his parents and that he found unique rocks in a terrarium in an alley way.

Though they're still doubtful, the group let him stay and Molly tells him about the dig site. Karolina and Jonah get to the bottom, where the latter learns of her alien roots and extended family.

Topher suddenly takes off in the morning and the Runaways give chase upon learning of his plan. Leslie and Frank reconnect over Jonah's lies, with the latter angered upon learning of him being with Karolina.

Robert tries to intimidate Jonah about the whereabouts of their children, but he is overpowered by members of the church and brought back to the rest of the Pride alive.

The Runaways find Topher at his parent's house and learn that he lied about his past. He witnessed the Hernandezes' deaths and became addicted to their rocks.

A fight breaks out, resulting in Topher being wounded. Molly makes up with the Runaways. Karolina sneaks out to talk to Leslie about Jonah, while Gert sneaks out to a hospital to get stress medication.

Ami Canaan Mann. Jonah confronts the Pride; bluntly telling them he plans to have his ship unearthed so he can go home without any trouble, and that he will leave some of his technology for them to use for humanity.

The Pride still has trouble believing him, as his ship could potentially cause more earthquakes. Leslie tells Karolina that Jonah should not be trusted and that he was the one who murdered Amy.

Gert has Janet sign for her at the hospital. Chase comes to pick her up and has a bittersweet reunion with Janet, who tells them that Jonah plans to make another sacrifice.

Desperate, Jonah kidnaps Geoffrey to use so that he can retain his body longer. Janet tells the Yorkeses Gert and Chase are okay while Leslie and Frank stand up to Jonah about his actions.

The Runaways break into the Church of Gibborim, find Geoffrey, and "rescue" him. Janet frees Victor from his stasis after she realizes that he has been fine for a while.

Karolina tells Nico about Amy's murder, leaving her shattered. Alex has Geoffrey tied up and tells him that he will answer to him now.

Twenty years ago, Jonah watches David Eller die as he takes Leslie under his wing. In the present, Karolina tells the Runaways she has been seeing Jonah and that he just wants him and his family to leave.

The Runaways are upset at this news, but they have her stall Jonah through texts while they organize a rescue mission for Karolina's family.

Victor sees Chase's message from the future and is moved. The Steins and the Yorkeses prepare to defeat Jonah and destroy his ship.

The Runaways and Geoffrey distract Jonah's church army by hacking their vans and then sneak into the construction site. Frank is confronted by Destiny's brother Oscar, and accidentally kills him.

The Runaways fail to rescue Karolina's family as everyone arrives. The Pride blow up the ship. Jonah is furious, but he is killed by a vengeful Nico.

As he dies, he suddenly speaks with an Australian accent and cannot recognize anyone. Nico puts the Pride to sleep as she and the Runaways escape.

Karolina is disheartened by Nico's decision to kill Jonah. Decades ago, the entity that would eventually become Jonah took possession of a Melbourne doctor after his previous host dies and helps establish the Church of Gibborim.

In the present, the Pride is glad to be rid of Jonah, so they can now focus on their children. Gert plans to attend college.

Chase later finds out and becomes upset. Karolina refuses to talk to Nico and heads to the church to find anything about Jonah. She finds a recording device from him and learns of her history.

Livvie tries to clear Darius' name, but Catherine orders Flores' partner AWOL to attack her and her family as a warning. She teams up with Alex and the Runaways to prove Darius innocent and discover Catherine's involvement.

Frank tells Leslie of Oscar's murder and the latter calls Flores to cover up the crime. Frank then tells the church followers that Leslie was the murderer.

Geoffrey goes to Tamar to help her and she promises to get back at him. The Runaways escape the hostel they were staying at, but Molly stays behind to help the others escape.

Wendey Stanzler. Molly holds her own against Flores as the Runaways come and retrieve her. Flores tells the Pride that their kids plan to get back at them and they respond by creating "weapons" to deal with them, though some of the parents are against it.

Tina begins acting strange by being flirtatious with Robert while Stacey starts being secretive with Dale. Alex devises a plan to get to AWOL, but it does not go as planned.

AWOL angrily confronts Flores about the kids having abilities, but he tells him to stay in line.

The Wilders tell Tamar that they will protect her, but she is secretly working with AWOL to get back at them.

AWOL makes a deal with Alex to get at their parents and keep him off, which angers Livvie. She informs the rest of the Runaways and they berate him for it.

AWOL becomes the Pride's main agent and he kills Flores.

Marvel Runaways The Runaways are a team of teenagers who banded together with the purpose of taking down PRIDE, a group formed by their respective parents. After witnessing them sacrifice Destiny Gonzalez, the kids made it their mission to thwart their parents' project. However, the Runaways were forced to run as they had been framed for the death of Gonzalez. In spite of the . Marvel’s Runaways is the story of six diverse teenagers who can barely stand each other but who must unite against a common foe – their parents. 3 seasons available (33 episodes) Start Your Free Trial. Episodes Extras Details. Season 1 2 3. Episode 1. Smoke and Mirrors. With the team split up and Jonah and his family on the warpath, the.
Marvel Runaways Sechs Teenager, die einander kaum kennen und sich nicht besonders leiden können, müssen sich gegen einen gemeinsamen Feind verbünden: ihre Eltern. Diese sind nämlich Mitglieder einer Organisation von Superschurken, die sich `The Pride' nennt. Marvel's Runaways ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die auf den Figuren des gleichnamigen Comics von Marvel aufbaut. Sie spielt im Marvel Cinematic. Runaways ist eine Comicserie des US-amerikanischen Comicverlags Marvel. Sie wurde erschaffen von Brian K. Vaughan (Story) und Adrian Alphona. Marvel's Runaways: Sechs Teenager, die eigentlich kaum etwas miteinander zu tun haben (und sich im schlechtesten Fall auch nicht ausstehen können), sind.
Marvel Runaways

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Marvel Runaways
Marvel Runaways


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