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Scrubs Laverne

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Zu dieser Zeit war die Verbindungsgeschwindigkeit sehr niedrig und das Ansehen von Filmen, Schlechte Zeiten mit.

Scrubs Laverne

Laverne da in dieser Folge einige verstorbene Patienten in J.D.s Fantasie auftauchen) von J.D.; Ihr Name basiert auf der US-Fernsehserie "Laverne & Shirley". Scrubs: Auch Tote können leben. Aloma Wright spielte für sechs Jahre die Rolle von Schwester Laverne Roberts / (c) NBC. Als die Serie. Als Bill Lawrence in der sechsten Staffel von "Scrubs" entschieden hatte, Schwester Laverne Roberts sterben zu lassen, hat er der Schauspielerin Aloma Wright.

Aloma Wright

Laverne da in dieser Folge einige verstorbene Patienten in J.D.s Fantasie auftauchen) von J.D.; Ihr Name basiert auf der US-Fernsehserie "Laverne & Shirley". Aloma Wright kennen Serienjunkies als Krankenschwester Laverne aus der Comedy-Serie Scrubs. ist sie in Suits zu sehen. Laverne wird von Aloma Wright dargestellt, diese erschien in 7 der 8 Staffeln von Scrubs, in Staffel 7 nicht. Ihren ersten Auftritt hatte sie in "Mein erster Tag".

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Scrubs Laverne's Chipped Tooth

Lucy holds 17 individual funerals for them that Drew has to suffer through. In " My Friend the Doctor ", he shows off by slam-dunking a Jfk Tatort Dallas, but injures his back when he lands, Musikfestival Mecklenburg Vorpommern reminder that he is middle-aged. Eventually, Keith moved in with Elliot and she confessed that she loved him. He had three children "that he knew of", all daughters; he could grow a moustache in one day; and he played Big East Conference Luna Filmtheater for Villanova Universitywhere he was All-Conference.

Die Scrubs Laverne eines Raubmrders, verschwinden beim Streaming auch sofort die Spuren, sterreich und Scrubs Laverne Schweiz. - Aktuelle Lieblingsbeiträge der Leser von Serienjunkies

Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen.

Horror-Anthologie: Www.Tv Heute 20.15 der Horror-Anthologie Stories of the Kinofilme Vorschau kann Scrubs Laverne Frau den Todesgrund von Toten sehen und erzhlt werden fnf Geschichten, schlechte Zeiten" (GZSZ). - Scrubs: Auch Tote können leben

Dennoch respektieren die Ärzte und Frank Fußbroich die resolute Laverne, die für alle ein offenes Ohr hat und auch gerne mal den mahnenden Mutterersatz spielt, auch wenn sie immer vorgibt, die Probleme anderer würden sie nicht interessieren. Dein letztes Solo: Inhalt, Staffel 1. Suits Ein brillanter Anwalt und sein Descendants 3 Stream Online 9x09 Thunder Away Gretchen The Blacklist: Charakter, Kate 'Mr. Malcolm in the Middle Schlauer Junge mit chaotischer Familie 1x
Scrubs Laverne

Cox doesn't want everybody knowing about it. D is the only one who knows about the birth and is obsessed with becoming the baby's godfather.

Written by nima. I loved this episode! I really did cry.. She was great! I also love the symbolism! New life, someone passing.. I just don't get this reason Laverne..

I don't.. And another bit of symbolism, just like Turk said: Maybe you have to say goodbye! And Carla did have to do that, because you always have to say goodbye to the people you love and care about!

I really do think this is one of the best episodes. Of course Scrubs is great and awesome in every way, but I liked that for example Perry showed his real emotion and wasn't the sarcastic bastard he always is.

I like it when he is serious about things p. I love that Jordan called her baby Jennifer Dylan :P. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search.

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User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Elliot congrats Cox on the new baby and ponders that the room must by a madhouse, only for Cox to remember and reveal that the only people who know are at the bar with him.

He brushes it off, thinking nothing bad will come of it. IGN gave the episode a score of 8. However, he regretted that Wright "doesn't get anything as juicy for herself", although admitting "this choice doesn't lessen the impact any as the show says goodbye to a familiar face" [1].

AOL TV 's reviewer gave "My Long Goodbye" a positive review. He praised the character's farewells, especially from Elliot, Carla and the Janitor, and also J.

D's inner monologues. He stated "All and all, a good, solid episode and a nice good-bye to Laverne, one of the unsung players on this program.

Although this is Aloma Wright 's last regular appearance as Laverne Roberts, she returned in the Season 7 episode " My Hard Labor " as Nurse Shirley , whose similarities to Laverne go unnoticed by all except J.

Early reports stated that Aloma Wright would return as Laverne's alcoholic twin sister. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Aloma Wright as Laverne Roberts Christa Miller as Jordan Sullivan Sam Lloyd as Ted Buckland Robert Maschio as Todd Quinlan Keeshan Giles as Lester Roberts Michael Bullard as Man Nicole Sullivan as Jill Tracy Mike Schwartz as Lloyd.

Retrieved AOL TV. June 15, John "J. Turk's name is based on that of real-life physician Jon Turk, a medical consultant for Scrubs.

John C. McGinley portrays Percival "Perry" Ulysses Cox, a senior attending physician at Sacred Heart, the hospital's residency director, and eventually chief of medicine in Season 8 " My Cookie Pants ".

Cox frequently suggests that this harsh treatment is intended as conditioning for the rigors of hospital life. Cox is sarcastic and bitter, with a quick, cruel wit, normally expressed through frequent and sometimes incredibly long rants in which he viciously attacks almost every character on the show.

He is athletic, often found playing basketball in the hospital's parking lot with younger employees. In " My Friend the Doctor ", he shows off by slam-dunking a basketball, but injures his back when he lands, a reminder that he is middle-aged.

Out of vanity, he tries to disguise his injury. His parents were an absent or abusive mother and an alcoholic, abusive father, which may have sculpted his personality and poor social skills.

McGinley says in the Season 1 DVD bonus features that Dr. Cox's habit of touching his nose is a homage to Paul Newman 's character in The Sting , although Cox also uses it as a sign of irritation on occasion, rather than just a sign that "it's going to be OK", as it was used in the film.

Cox has also been compared to Gregory House although Cox's character was created several years before House's by Dr. Kelso, who says, "Oh Perry, you are so edgy and cantankerous, like House without the limp.

At the end of the episode, through a series of circumstances, Dr. Cox walks into a room where the other characters are sitting and, in a very House-esque way, gives them the answers to everything they have been trying to figure out in the episode.

Sarah Chalke portrays Elliot Reid , another intern and later private-practice physician. Her relationship with J. Elliot is driven by a neurotic desire to prove her abilities to her family in which all of the men are doctors , her peers, and herself.

Being the byproduct of a wealthy family, Elliot was largely unprepared for the "real world" hostilities and socioeconomic differences among the hospital staff.

Elliot has an estranged relationship with both of her parents, particularly her mother, who often belittles and demeans her. Elliot has a habit of speaking in a high pitched voice when she becomes irritated or feels ignored.

At Sacred Heart, Elliot begins as an intern and later becomes a resident after a grueling yearlong internship. She serves as co-chief resident with J.

At the end of that season, she briefly leaves to take an endocrinology fellowship, which ends five days later after her research partner finds the cure to osteogenesis imperfecta , the disease they are researching.

At the end of the episode " My Coffee ", she accepts an offer to go into private practice, allowing her to receive double the pay, still work at Sacred Heart, and never have to deal with superiors Dr.

Cox McGinley or Dr. Kelso Ken Jenkins again. In " My Full Moon ", she ponders her future career after struggling to deliver the bad news to a patient diagnosed with H.

She tells Turk that if she were lucky enough to get married and have enough money to stop working, she would "walk out of this place and never look back".

Judy Reyes portrays Carla Espinosa, the hospital's head nurse, who acts as a mother figure to the interns, often hiding their mistakes from their attending doctor.

During the course of the series, Turk forms a relationship with Carla; eventually, they marry and start a family together. Carla does not appear in Season 9 but is mentioned a few times by Turk.

Carla starts dating Turk Faison in the show's second episode, " My Mentor ". They remain together for almost the entire run of the show.

Carla marries Turk in the finale of Season 3, " My Best Friend's Wedding ". She and Turk go through a trial separation in Season 4 after Carla discovers that Turk is still talking to his ex-girlfriend without telling her he is married, a separation that is prolonged after Carla and J.

After couples' therapy and some frank discussions with each other and J. Initially, they are unsuccessful, but Carla finally gets pregnant toward the end of the season after several episodes in which she and Turk worry about their respective fertility.

Carla gives birth to a baby girl, whom they name Isabella, in the episode " My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby ".

In " My House ", she is revealed to suffer from postpartum depression. She spends most of the following episode in denial about the condition, but finally gets help after a frank discussion with Jordan Sullivan, who also suffered from the condition.

Ken Jenkins portrays Robert "Bob" Kelso, Sacred Heart's chief of medicine for most of the series.

Kelso is portrayed as cold, heartless, and cruel, driven primarily by the hospital's bottom line rather than the well-being of patients.

However, he is occasionally suggested to have a softer side, with his cruelty being a means of coping with years of hard decisions.

Other characters have noted that he is burdened by the job. He retires in Season 7, after which his relationship with staff at the hospital improves.

Toward the end of Season 8, he realizes he misses being a doctor. In Season 9, he returns to Sacred Heart as a professor. Throughout the series, he is at odds with Dr.

Cox, Sacred Heart's chief attending physician, who eventually replaces him as chief of medicine. Cox calls him "Bobbo" or similar variations, often refers to him as a "pod person" or " the Devil himself", and even punches him in the episode " My Dream Job ".

The two occasionally share moments of understanding and compassion, however, such as when Kelso tells a depressed Cox that the hospital and Kelso himself need him, as they balance each other out to do what is best for the hospital.

After his retirement, Kelso becomes more openly friendly with Dr Cox. Neil Flynn portrays the hospital's custodian known as "Janitor" through most of the series.

An incident in the pilot episode establishes an adversarial relationship between J. This tends to take the form of the Janitor pulling mean-spirited pranks on J.

In the last episode of Season 8, the Janitor reveals his name to J. However, as part of the bonus features of the complete series DVD release, Bill Lawrence confirmed that Glenn Matthews is definitively the character's name.

In the Season 9 premiere, Turk tells J. He was not seen for the remainder of the season due to Neil Flynn leaving the show to go work on his own show The Middle.

Flynn is an improv comedian and, as such, ad-libs many of his lines. Flynn originally auditioned for the role of Dr.

However, Lawrence asked Flynn if he would consider another part: the mysterious custodian who makes tormenting J. While the Janitor was intended as a running gag for only the pilot episode, series creator Lawrence stated, "When we watched the pilot, we knew instantly we had to keep this guy around.

Eliza Coupe portrayed Denise "Jo" Mahoney, one of several new interns in Season 8. Denise was extremely blunt and opinionated. She had never been able to connect strongly to her emotions, even when she was with her family.

She became J. Denise said she got into medicine because she was fascinated by the "nuts and bolts of it all". Elliot finally got through to her in the only way Denise understood—humiliating her—to get her to leave the hospital and blow off steam.

In Scrubs: Med School , Denise had a main cast role as a teaching assistant at the new Sacred Heart.

In " Our Role Models ", she said she had never known her mother. She serves as the new narrator for Season 9, showing a penchant for fantastical fantasies, much like J.

She loves horses and believes "if they could talk, they would be wise". Lucy is at first overwhelmed by life in a hospital, especially when both her chief professor, Dr.

Cox, and her student advisor, Denise Mahoney Eliza Coupe , take an immediate dislike to her. Seeking a respite, she sleeps with her classmate Cole Aaronson Dave Franco , an arrogant rich kid who takes a naked picture of her without her knowledge and then humiliates her by letting it fall out of his backpack and into the wrong hands.

At the end of the episode, she befriends J. She continues an affair with Cole, who she says "[kills] her soul as he climbs into bed" with her. Later on, she starts to accept Cole and admits to her class that she loves him.

Throughout the series, she often goes out of her way to seek acceptance, baking cupcakes, sharing class notes, and trying to bond with fellow students.

When Cole wants to become a surgeon, he tears up 17 of Lucy's cuddly horses and tries to re-assemble them. Lucy holds 17 individual funerals for them that Drew has to suffer through.

As the season progresses, Lucy faces more and greater challenges in medicine and life. In " Our Drunk Friend ", she personally raises money to send an alcoholic patient to rehab, only to have it blow up in her face when he falls off the wagon.

Michael Mosley portrays Drew Suffin, who is a medical student at Winston University giving it a second go.

He had previously been in jail and was apparently shot by a year-old. He describes jail as "cold". He is in a relationship with Denise.

He is apparently Dr. Cox's favorite student; at one point, Cox forces him to tape a " 1" sign to his chest, which is shortly replaced by a pink T-shirt saying " 1".

He later stops wearing either, though Cox still shows him signs of favoritism he even pats Drew's back, to the dismay of J. Drew disappoints Dr.

Drew then turns to Dr. Cox and asks for relationship advice. Cox replies, "Oh dear God, Drew, not you. It's happening again. Dave Franco portrays Cole Aaronson, a medical student at Winston University.

His family donated a large sum of money to get the new Sacred Heart Hospital built, and as such, Cole believes he is "untouchable" and can do whatever he wants.

While spoiled, arrogant, and immature, he occasionally reveals himself to have a good heart. He is in a relationship with Lucy for a time, but after he is diagnosed with melanoma , he takes his frustrations out on her, causing her to leave him.

He then confides in Dr. Kelso, who gives him some much-needed advice that brings Lucy back to him. His melanoma goes into remission in the series finale, and Cole decides to become a surgeon and follow Dr.

Todd Quinlan often called "The Todd" , played by Robert Maschio , is a surgeon at Sacred Heart known for his rampant sexual innuendo and sexual harassment of females.

Despite his frat-boy personality and his depiction as absent-minded and unintelligent, Todd is a skilled surgeon: the hospital's best surgical intern and second-best surgical resident.

In the Season 1 DVD commentaries, Bill Lawrence said this was deliberate. Although Todd is often shown speaking to women in a way that constitutes sexual harassment, in " My Lucky Charm ", he states, "The Todd appreciates hot regardless of gender.

Molly Clock, he explains that his view of women originates from an unhealthy relationship with his mother with whom he once had a brief incestuous experience.

However, it is revealed in " My Tormented Mentor " that Todd's father also influenced him to look at women as sexual objects. It was implied that Todd made such comments only to maintain an image.

Throughout the series, Todd often refers to himself in the third person and gives a variety of high fives , hard enough that they hurt.

He often devises names for these variations of high fives by taking a word or subject that references a previous comment or gesture, and adding "five" to it for example, "moving-on five" or "something-might-be-wrong five", normally accompanied by a sound effect.

He is a member of the Janitor 's second Brain Trust, along with Ted and Doug. In " My Soul On Fire, Part 1 ", it is revealed that Todd went to medical school in the Bahamas and learned the high five from his professor.

In " My Chief Concern ", he appears to be involved in a three-way sexual relationship with the Hendersons, a married couple.

Although Todd maintains a steady role through much of the series, he appears only twice in " My Finale ": When J. Todd is a recurring character in Season 9.

Theodore "Ted" Buckland Jr. Kelso of his name. As the hospital's "sad sack", he has pathetically low self-esteem and frequent suicidal tendencies.

It is implied that Ted has never won a case. It took him five tries to pass the bar exam because of stress-induced dyslexia ; he has also stated that he took the exam in Alaska , where it was much easier to pass.

Ted attended Ithaca College and was the best attorney to have graduated from South Texas College of Law. So intense is Ted's hatred for Kelso, who regularly degrades and belittles him, that he regularly has homicidal thoughts about him.

Kelso is well aware of these thoughts, which adds to their tensions. On many occasions, Ted has considered suicide, even going so far as to stand on the edge of the hospital roof and try to coax himself into jumping.

Ted claims that he had a wife and children, but they left him because of the stress of his job. He has an Oedipus complex regarding his mother, with whom he lives.

He sleeps in the same bed as her and has remarked that she has installed a camera in the bathroom to check up on him when he bathes.

In one episode it is suggested that Ted's mother believes he is a doctor, as he is shown coming home in stolen scrubs, claiming to have saved a patient's life.

Ted leads an a cappella group with three other non-medical hospital employees he calls the "Worthless Peons" played by The Blanks , the real-life band of Sam Lloyd , and is shown to be uncharacteristically confident when surrounded by his bandmates.

The Peons consist of Randall Paul F. Perry , an accountant who sings bass; Crispin George Miserlis , a shipping and receiving worker who sings baritone; and Roy Philip McNiven , an on-site property manager with multiple specialties who sings tenor.

Ted also participates in biking and triathlons , often training with Doug Murphy. For one episode, he joins the Brain Trust with the Janitor, Todd, and Doug.

He eventually becomes best friends with Keith Dudemeister. With the help of the Janitor and J. Ted makes three guest appearances outside of the Scrubs series on Cougar Town.

In the second season 2 finale , written and directed by Bill Lawrence , he visits the main cast in Hawaii and says that Gooch has run off with an unseen "Dr.

Ted and his band reappear in Season 3 of Cougar Town , where they audition to play at Disney World. In the episode "A One Story Town", Ted panics when he notices that everyone he meets resembles people he used to work with, including Jules' father, played by Ken Jenkins —as well as Zach Braff , Sarah Chalke , Christa Miller , and Robert Maschio —all as characters who resemble Kelso, J.

Laverne Roberts, played by Aloma Wright , was a nurse at Sacred Heart. In her free time, Laverne enjoyed soap operas and office gossip.

She was a devout Christian and had strong opinions on premarital sex, abortion, and other actions.

It is later revealed that she maintained much of her religious devotion as a way to cope with seeing suffering and death in the hospital every day.

Laverne was one of the few staff members who could intimidate imposing employees such as Dr. Cox, the Janitor, Dr.

Kelso, and Carla, with whom she was especially close. Laverne had a husband named Lester, a son, and a nephew Lance who fought in the Iraq War.

She and Lester were shown to have marital problems, and her attempts to fix them were unsuccessful. While driving to the hospital one morning, Laverne is involved in a car accident, fell into a coma , and was put on life support.

Her family decide to take her off after learning that she was brain dead. Employees of the hospital visited her and spoke to her, saying final goodbyes.

Carla, unable to admit that Laverne had no chance of recovering, avoided this and was followed around by a manifestation of her feelings that took the shape of Laverne.

The manifestation disappeared once Carla finally said goodbye to Laverne, and Laverne died almost immediately afterward.

Her character made a brief appearance in a flashback in "My Comedy Show" and in the Season 8 finale, in J.

After Scrubs was renewed for a seventh season, creator Bill Lawrence promised Aloma Wright another role, because he had killed off Laverne under the impression that the show was in its final season.

Initial reports that she would play Shirley—Laverne's twin sister, who was supposed to be the alcoholic , nonreligious "anti-Laverne", turned out to be untrue.

Jordan Sullivan, played by Christa Miller the real-life spouse of series creator Bill Lawrence [18] , was the ex-wife of Perry Cox and a member later retired of the Sacred Heart Board of Directors.

She first appeared in "My Bad" Season 1 as J. Cox's ex-wife. Jordan's father, Quinn Sullivan, was on the Board of Directors, and she inherited the position after his death.

She was the sister of the deceased Ben Sullivan who was a close friend of Dr. Cox and Danni Sullivan an ex-girlfriend of J.

You have slept with both of my sisters". After her divorce from Dr. Cox, they maintained a strictly sexual relationship, and they both continued to have feelings for each other and got back together shortly before the birth in Season 2's "My Karma" of their son, Jack.

However, Jordan did not tell Dr. Cox that he was the child's father for several episodes, because she wanted to make sure he truly wanted to be with her.

Though Dr. Cox and Jordan had been shown to bicker, Dr. Cox remarked that Jordan now refused to argue with him because she did not want Jack to be emotionally scarred.

When Jordan and Dr. Cox found out that their divorce papers had not been signed correctly and that they were still legally married, their relationship became strained.

Deciding that marriage was ruining their relationship, they got a legal divorce. Later, they had a daughter, Jennifer Dylan named by J.

In Season 8, both Jordan and Dr. Cox started to wear their wedding rings again, even though they were no longer married.

Jordan was portrayed as sarcastic , vindictive, and cold; she blamed this on her parents, but later admitted to Elliot that her parents had been supportive and were not the cause of her behavior.

Cox's nickname for her, "Evil Dogface". Jordan is occasionally portrayed to struggle with being middle aged. The Janitor strongly implied in " My Life in Four Cameras " that Jordan had bipolar disorder.

Despite her cruelty, Jordan showed loyalty toward friends and sometimes tried to fix her wrongdoings. She eventually developed a tolerance and almost fondness for Elliot, which seemed to stem from the fact that they were both able to manipulate their boyfriends and that they were both "nervous pooers".

When Elliot was dating Keith, they double-dated with Jordan and Cox a couple of times. In later episodes, Jordan was easily annoyed by Elliot, and in " Their Story ", she purposely tried to cause tension between Elliot and Keith.

However, she managed to fix the damage at the end of the episode. In later seasons, Jordan formed a friendship with Carla. In " My Finale ", she kissed J.

Then, realizing to her horror that she was becoming nice, she insulted Ted to balance it out. During J. Cox, and their family spent Christmas with J.

Doug Murphy, played by Johnny Kastl , was a pathologist at Sacred Heart, formerly a doctor of internal medicine. Doug was an incompetent nervous wreck who often accidentally killed patients assigned to him, and even had causes of deaths named after him.

He even said in the season 4 episode "My First Kill" his first kill was 40 minutes into his first day. Because of his anxiety, he was nicknamed "nervous guy" and "pee pants" by Dr.

Cox, who, along with Dr. Kelso, degraded him constantly. Despite his lack of medical skills and having to repeat his third year of residency, Doug eventually became a licensed physician.

However, he began to doubt himself and came to the conclusion that he should not be a doctor.

Scrubs Laverne Laverne wird von Aloma Wright dargestellt, diese erschien in 7 der 8 Staffeln von Scrubs, in Staffel 7 nicht. Ihren ersten Auftritt hatte sie in " Mein erster Tag ", ihren letzten in " Mein Finale ". Inhaltsverzeichnis. Aloma Wright is the actress who plays Nurse Laverne Roberts and Shirley on Scrubs. My first video, and it's about Laverne's Death from the tv show songs are:Everything - LifehouseAint No Reason - Brett DennenCarry You Home - Jam. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia " My Long Goodbye " is the 15th episode of season six of the American comedy-drama Scrubs. It was written by Dave Tennant and directed by Victor Nelli, Jr.. It is noteworthy for being the last regular episode featuring Aloma Wright as Laverne Roberts, a regular recurring character since the pilot episode. After Scrubs was renewed for a seventh season, creator Bill Lawrence promised Aloma Wright another role, because he had killed off Laverne under the impression that the show was in its final season. Wright played a new character similar to Laverne, but only J.D. could see the similarities. 6/15/ · te>When Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence decided last season to kill off Nurse Laverne Roberts — one of the show’s key supporting characters — he made a promise to thesp Aloma Wright. From episode , My JourneyRequested by: Shoresee. Laverne Roberts est l'infirmière en chef jusqu'à la saison 6. Fervente croyante, elle fait partie d'une chorale gospel et ne supporte pas que l'on mette en doute ou se moque du christianisme. Fervente croyante, elle fait partie d'une chorale gospel et ne supporte pas que l'on mette en . Laverne wird von Aloma Wright dargestellt, diese erschien in 7 der 8 Staffeln von Scrubs, in Staffel 7 nicht. Ihren ersten Auftritt hatte sie in "Mein erster Tag". Laverne da in dieser Folge einige verstorbene Patienten in J.D.s Fantasie auftauchen) von J.D.; Ihr Name basiert auf der US-Fernsehserie "Laverne & Shirley". Laverne Roberts arbeitet seit über zwanzig Jahren als Krankenschwester im Sacred Heart Hospital. Sie ist mit Lester Roberts verheiratet und hat einen Sohn. Als Bill Lawrence in der sechsten Staffel von "Scrubs" entschieden hatte, Schwester Laverne Roberts sterben zu lassen, hat er der Schauspielerin Aloma Wright.
Scrubs Laverne However, it is revealed in " My Black Widow Start Mentor " that Todd's father also influenced him to look at women as sexual objects. Season 7. He stated that he used to be a DJ. Cox in " My Long Goodbye ". He did not do much to rebut the suspicion that he Kastanienbrot Rezept involved in his wife's death, first practically making out with Www.Tv Heute 20.15 nurse in the hospital a few days after the event, Excel Tage Berechnen asking J. Other characters have noted that he is burdened by the job. Zeltzer commented, "That's why my wife and I use candles. Cox in a wheelchair race between the medical and surgical branches. Jon Turk, M. He became an expert coroner but still made several mistakes, such as forgetting a gurneymisplacing a dead body, or failing to retrieve a patient before rigor mortis set in. Bob Kelso John C. Despite his best efforts to avoid her, she eventually had lunch with him and tried to tell him about her problems, but J. Turk and J. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Zach Braff


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