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Kaitou Joker

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Kaitou Joker

Mar 24, - This Pin was discovered by Kevin Carter. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Feb 13, - This Pin was discovered by Joanna or Joe. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Joker ist ein Anime des Studios»Shin-Ei Animation«mit dem Hauptgenre Abenteuer. Beschreibung: Es gibt nichts auf der Welt, das sicher ist vor Joker, dem.

Feb 13, - This Pin was discovered by Joanna or Joe. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Sieh dir Fotos, Profilbilder und Alben von Kaitou Joker VN an. Mysterious Joker ist eine japanische Manga-Serie, die von Hideyasu Takahashi geschrieben und illustriert wurde. Die Serie wurde ursprünglich als One-Shot veröffentlicht und später mit der Serialisierung in Shogakukans Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic.

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Kaitou Joker

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Banished Disciple's Counterattack Chapter The Undefeatable Swordsman Chapter The Executed Sage Is Reincarnated As A Lich And Starts An All-Out War Vol.

I'm The Great Immortal Chapter Level 1 With S-Rank Drop Rate Is The Strongest Vol. He then turns a piece of image gum, that he had hidden in one of his back teeth, into a knife and begins prying through the wall.

To his disappointment however, the Moon Ring was not there. Before he could do anything else, a guard showed up demanding to know what he was doing.

The guard then reveals himself as Spade and he tells Joker that he will be getting the treasure first. The episode then cuts to Joker and Hachi running the grounds.

As they are running, Frank approaches them and calls Joker over to talk. Thinking that it was to finish their fight, he tells Hachi to keep running the grounds and he braces himself for a fight.

Much to Joker's surprise, Frank actually wanted to supply Joker with information on the prisoner that had originally stolen the Moon Ring.

After chatting with Frank, Joker finds Hachi over at the water faucets getting a drink. Joker notices that. He then pushes a confused Hachi out of the way, and removed the faucet head.

He then shook it and then discovered the Moon Ring. When they are back at their cells, Joker uses a piece of bread that he saved from his lunch to bring a seagull with a device tied around it's leg to his window Spade is also shown earlier to be discovered by Jason and arrested.

He then pushes the button on the device in order to pull up a series of can-shaped containers. The containers have all of Joker's and Hachi's equipment stored inside of them.

Joker then breaks out himself and Hachi. He then turned to Spade and told him it was his victory. Spade then pulls out the key to his cell and lets himself out, telling Joker it was easy to get his key since he was a guard.

They all begin rushing towards the exit. Spade led them to an exit but Hachi got spooked by a large rat and his scream got them noticed.

Joker then cuts the power and Spade puts the crowd of guards to sleep. Unable to see, they begin to feel along the walls until Joker hit something else.

That "something else" turned out to be Jason, who demands that Joker hands over the Moon Ring. They run away and disguise themselves with image gum in order to hide from his sight.

However, Jason had a mask that can see heat signatures and he could find them easily. They then run into the shower room and, thinking fast, Joker tells Spade and Hachi to turn on all the showers.

Jason walks in and remarks that they are clever on using the heat from the shower to hide themselves. He then calls up to his headquarters demanding that they turn off the water.

The showers turn off revealing them. He then tells them to hand over the Moon Ring but they remain silent. Angered, Jason hits them with his electric baton and he smugly tells them that they were fools.

Joker then speaks making Jason hit them again and again. They tell him to take of his mask and he sees that the people he was attacking were actually towels that were put together to match their body shape.

Jason then frustratingly turns around to attack the real things but Joker swiftly uses straight flash while Spade uses Ice shot to cause Jason to trip making the electric baton electrify him instead.

DJ also mentions that videos showing Jason's cruel treatment of the prisoners were discovered and he was arrested.

Spade then asks Joker what they should do now. Joker tells him that they should relax and cruise for awhile.

The episode ends with Joker and Hachi fishing with Spade and Dark Eye. Joker and Hachi are called to Silver Heart's house after he lost contact with Queen while she was attempting to steal the "Rainbow Peacock Egg", a egg that is said to be laid once every hundred years.

Silver Heart tries repeatedly, in vain, to go out and rescue Queen but his trick back was acting up, making him unable to move.

Seeing Silver Heart's concern over the matter, Hachi volunteers Joker and himself to go save her in his place. Joker, however, replied that he was busy and began reading his own manga while eating chips.

Silver Heart then opened a window, took out a mega phone, and began loudly declaring he will reveal all the "things" Joker has done.

In order to keep Silver Heart silent, Joker agrees to go save Queen and they head off to Kaneari's restaurant.

As usual, Kaneari had high security and a variety of traps laid out in order to prevent the duo from infiltrating the restaurant. Joker decides to "change things up" and disguises himself as a fish while Hachi disguises himself as a watermelon.

Joker and Hachi then enter a room only to discover that Queen and Roko had become incredibly fat and round. While they were reacting to Queen and Roko's weight gain, the head chef, Millefeuille, entered the room.

Joker asks her if she was behind this and she admits to it while also throwing hollow pasta at them, making them get stuck against the wall.

Before she could dice them up, another chef comes and tells her that it is time to cook the egg. Realizing that the egg was about to get eaten, Joker and Hachi easily free themselves from the pasta and head to Millefeuille's kitchen.

Using Kaneari's impatience as a distraction, Joker jumps from his hiding place and grabs the egg. Realizing that she knew he was there the whole time, Joker tossed the egg to Hachi and began to distract the other chiefs in the kitchen, while telling Hachi to go on ahead.

Millefeuille quickly begins to pour water and flour together and uses her "Flour Whip" to make Hachi slip and fall. She then throws slices of lemon into Joker's eyes while he was temporarily distracted by the egg's safety.

Blinded, Joker stumbles around the kitchen and grabs onto a hot pan. He then trips and falls on the "Flour Whip" and is unable to move.

Thinking quickly, Hachi grabs Joker and brings him into the freezer while also blocking the door. Joker cools. They then come out of the freezer and she shoves a cooked slab of meat into Joker's mouth.

Joker, however, remained unchanged by her cooking due to him putting ice in his mouth, changing how his tongue perceives taste by cooling it.

Millefeuille realizes what he did and instead fed him warm cream stew, which returned his cooled tongue to normal.

Tasting the full extent of her cooking, Joker becomes entranced by it and begins eating the large pot of cream stew she made. Worried that Joker will end up like Queen, Hachi grabs a bunch of condiments and begins quickly putting it into the stew.

Tasting all those gross mixtures, Joker yells out a loud "Gross! Angered by Hachi making it so her food goes to waste, Millefeuille uses her "Al Dente Rope" to grab Hachi and hold him over boiling oil.

Joker quickly pushes Hachi out of the way and gets boiled instead. Thinking that Joker was dead, Millefeuille presents his baked body to the restaurant attendees and begins preparing to cook the egg.

Suddenly Joker's baked body latches on to her while moaning "Egg Despite Kaneari's effort, the egg still hits the ground and cracks, revealing that the egg is empty.

A spotlight lights up, showing Joker with the egg cooked. Silver Heart. It is then explained by Joker that during the boiling process, he used the hollow pasta that Millefeuille had used on him earlier and stabbed it into the egg shell.

Bringing the egg out through it and cooking it in the oil along with himself. After the explanations, Joker prepares to eat the egg only to have Kaneari steal it from him.

Before Kaneari could eat it however, a hungry Queen cuts in with her sword and goes for the egg. Joker re-obtains the egg and then rides on top of a bouncing Queen to escape.

Joker, Hachi, and Silver Heart all enjoy the "Rainbow Peacock Egg" while Queen and Roko are stuck dieting. Joker and Hachi are after the "Birdman Statue of Osiris", which is owned by the Desert Bandit Gang.

The episode starts with Joker easily swiping the treasure out from under their noses and dashing off, using Road Joker, with the treasure.

The Bandits give chase and stubbornly follow them through the desert. While trying. The person on the pyramid then leaps at Joker in an attempt to obtain the statue.

He, instead, misses his jump and gets ran over by the angry bandits chasing after Joker. The episode then cuts to Joker and Hachi resting at a town restaurant after finally managing to lose the bandit gang.

Their celebration was cut short however, when the person from before appears out from under their table with his triangle head glowing. He introduces himself as Lucky Pyramid and declares that he will be taking the treasure, as he has been after it for quite some time.

Joker, of course, refuses and Lucky Pyramid then decides to use his powers. Joker and Hachi brace themselves but come to find that nothing is happening other then Lucky Pyramid scrunching up his face and making noise.

Joker gets impatient and throws one of his cards at him. The card hits it's mark right at the center of Lucky Pyramid's forehead causing him to fall backwards, making a customer's curry fly up in the air.

The curry then ricochets off of a chandelier and lands on a unsuspecting waiter. The waiter then falls back into a statue causing it to fall towards Joker.

Joker then jumps to dodge it, only to slam into a wall and drop the treasure. The treasure then falls right into Lucky Pyramid's hands.

Joker and Hachi then asks what is going on due to everything going to well for it to be a coincidence. Lucky Pyramid explains that his power is unbelievably good luck that he obtains from his mask after receiving misfortune i.

Lucky Pyramid then spots a beautiful woman walking down the street and immediately runs to her and confesses his love.

The girl screams, calls him a "block monster", and runs away. However due to her. Unfortunately for Joker who just caught up to him , Lucky Pyramid uses his luck to cause Joker to fall into an open sewer entrance.

Hachi then tells Joker that it is impossible to get the treasure back from him but that just makes Joker all the more determined to do it. Using the tracking device he planted on the Birdman Statue, Joker easily locates Lucky Pyramid's hideout and infiltrates it.

It doesn't take long before him and Hachi find the treasure room where the statue was displayed.

Hachi excitedly runs for it, only to be stopped by Joker. Joker then points out all the traps in the room saying that Luck Pyramid is "a cautious one".

Lucky Pyramid then suddenly came up behind Joker stating that they are in his home base and Joker knows as well as he does that he has something to give him an advantage.

Joker and Hachi once again brace themselves, only to watch Lucky Pyramid willingly walk into his own traps.

This was to his own advantage however, since it provided him with misfortune allowing him to store up some luck.

Joker then pulls off the bag that he brought with him and begins giving some of his treasure to Lucky Pyramid. This is uses all of Lucky Pyramid's stored up luck.

The two then get into a "battle" with Joker throwing treasure and Lucky Pyramid injuring himself. A dumb founded Hachi suddenly realizes that all the traps were meant to be triggered by Lucky Pyramid, so he just walks up and grabs the statue with no problem.

He then tells Joker that they should quit all this nonsense and go home. Joker and Hachi then throw the treasure back and forth between each other while Lucky Pyramid is in between them trying to get it back in vain.

This doesn't last however, as the bandits use a rocket launcher to blow a giant hole in the wall and they infiltrate Lucky Pyramid's house.

The trio are instantly asked where the treasure is but Joker responds with that it probably flew off due to the explosion or that Lucky Pyramid had it hidden somewhere.

The trio are then taken out and tied to poles in order to get the location of the statue. Lucky Pyramid, at this point, is ready to give it up but Joker refuses to.

He happily states that he is going to use "Pyramid Power". Lucky Pyramid asks if he can use it and Joker responds with a quick no. He then states that Lucky Pyramid will bring the luck and he is going to invite misfortune.

Lucky Pyramid gets a bad feeling as Joker lets out an evil chuckle and clicks a detonator. Explosions then start to erupt from Lucky Pyramid's house.

Joker explains that the "treasures" that he had given Lucky were actually bombs and they quickly begin to obliterate everything in Lucky's house.

This causes Lucky's mask to fully charge, causing maximum luck. This leads to the "Butterfly Effect". The explosions scared a camel that nearly runs over a lady on the phone.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Add Detailed Info. PV play More videos Edit Synopsis Under the veil of the shining night, the mysterious phantom thief Joker performs daring heists on one valuable treasure to the next.

Help improve our database by adding background information here. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Kaitou Joker 2nd Season. CoroCoro All-Star Shougakkou.

Joker Main. Murase, Ayumu Japanese. Spade Main. Shimono, Hiro Japanese. Diamond, Queen Main. Sawashiro, Miyuki Japanese.

Kaitou Joker The Christmas Switch Joker, Spade, and Queen where going to steal a ancient treasure called " Moonlight Crystal Switch".

But they didn't know what powers the crystal holds In the hands of Clover Kaitou Joke A child with silver hair and blue eyes that saved a pink girl from him.

He took the child because he seemed like he has pot Characters: -Kaitou Joker Characters -female reader -Blue -Shadow -Rose "Welcome to the Shining Night!

Mysterious Joker ist eine japanische Manga-Serie, die von Hideyasu Takahashi geschrieben und illustriert wurde. Die Serie wurde ursprünglich als One-Shot veröffentlicht und später mit der Serialisierung in Shogakukans Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic. Joker ist ein Anime des Studios»Shin-Ei Animation«mit dem Hauptgenre Abenteuer. Beschreibung: Es gibt nichts auf der Welt, das sicher ist vor Joker, dem. Joker 3 ist ein Anime des Studios»Shin-Ei Animation«mit dem Hauptgenre Abenteuer. Synonyme: Mysterious Joker Third Season, Kaitou Joker 3rd Season. Mar 24, - This Pin was discovered by Kevin Carter. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Kaitou Joker, the most famous phantom thief in the world. He had stolen many treasures, even kaitoujoker; kj # The Demon Inside Me (Kaitou Joker by Red the witch. K Joker is going to steal another treasure called the demon's heart. But when Joker touched the gem something strange happened to him. JoQueen (ジョカクイ) is one of the popular ships in Kaitou Joker. Apparently the ship is canon, fans are even celebrating a JoQueen day in December 11, The same day as Joker's birthday. In the Kaitou Shounen Jokers Sequel. Joker and Queen were married they have two children a boy named Kaitou J or Juuichi Kagayaku Jones apparently the main protagonist of the sequel and . - Khám phá bảng của Tram Bich"kaitou joker" trên Pinterest. Xem thêm ý tưởng về joker, robin, dễ thương pins.
Kaitou Joker
Kaitou Joker 10, years ago, and are on a quest to find a way to go back home. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Anime Season 3 Season 4 4 Abilities 5 Relationships Joker Hosshi 6 Gallery 7 Trivia 8 References 9 Character Navigation In his human form, Akai is a teenage boy with thick scarlet hair with gold-orange highlights, pink eyes and unusual cross-shaped pupils. His normal attire consists. The anime is produced by Asatsu DK, animated by Shin-Ei Animation, and is directed by Yukiyo Teramoto. The series was broadcast on Tokyo MX in Japan since October 6, , and has also aired on Kids Station since October 16, The series is simulcasted by Crunchyroll under the title Joker. Kaitou Joker summary: Traveling all over the world seeking treasure and attention, there's nothing that the flashy phantom thief Joker can't steal! Using his incredible ability to predict and calculate, as well as a few gadgets, Joker always makes a miraculous escape, no matter how dire the pinch he finds himself in. Mysterious Joker (Japanese: 怪盗ジョーカー, Hepburn: Kaitō Jōkā) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hideyasu Takahashi. The series was originally published as a one-shot, then later began serialization in Shogakukan's Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic Special, CoroCoro Comic, and CoroCoro Dragon manga magazines. Kaitou joker is a thrilling, comedic relief, adventurous anime that will set you on your toes to cheer for Joker. Although this anime may not seem ideal for those who are looking for a more "mature and serious" atmosphere, the anime does have its serious moments. Unfortunately, he accidentally ripped open the package, which caused the water in the package to spill onto the Jaja Binks panel. Log in Sign Up. They say that no Liam Garrigan who goes to steal the sword has ever returned alive. Joker 4 Fortsetzung Joker 2 Einführung Alle anzeigen. Anime Manga Filme Charaktere Mitglieder Clubs Personen Firmen Merchandise. Du hilfst anderen gerne bei der Suche Deutschrap Poster einem Anime Flug 93 informierst gern über Anime? Charaktere sind das Herzstück eines jeden Animes. However, when Joker Alina Levshin Wiki Shadow are competing against each Kinox To Fifty Shades Of Grey, like in the Phantom Thief Fußball Frankreich, she would easily support her brother. Serien Stream Empfehlung then Hinterux pushes a button, lowering a cage that has Hosshii contained in it. Joker then tells Queen the true story of what happens to her parents Silver Heart actually saved her before the castle she lived in exploded and Queen finally came to her senses. Kosugi, Juurouta Japanese. Meanwhile Queen shows up and starts to wait for Roko when Shadow Joker appears. Silver Heart, embarrassed, explains that they are all important memories to him. All Anime Manga Characters People Manga Store News Featured Articles Forum Clubs Users. Silver Heart Unterschied Zwischen Mensch Und Tier with Queen for the first time in the explaining corner as they explained how when the lights were directed into the hourglass, it heated it the air inside it, pushing the sand down faster. Joker shows up at the museum disguised as Inspector Oniyama and meets the detective Viridian. Being devious as usual, Joker decided to switch places with Cyan and disguised himself as him, while Alina Levshin Wiki dressed up as Joker.


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