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Jimmy Olsen

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Sie verstehen sich auf Anhieb gut und begreifen, was in Sobibor und genauer in Lager drei passiert.

Jimmy Olsen

James 'Jimmy' Olsen arbeitet als Fotograf beim Daily Planet und ist in einer Beziehung mit Chloe Sullivan. In „Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen: Who Killed Jimmy Olsen?“ haben die beiden Comic-Könner und Eisner-Award-Gewinner Lieber und Fraction. James Bartholomew „Jimmy“ Olsen ist eine Haupt- und Nebenfigur einer Reihe von Comics, die seit von dem US-amerikanischen Verlag DC-Comics.

DC Comics beendet „Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen“ und „Lois Lane“ im Juni

In „Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen: Who Killed Jimmy Olsen?“ haben die beiden Comic-Könner und Eisner-Award-Gewinner Lieber und Fraction. James 'Jimmy' Olsen arbeitet als Fotograf beim Daily Planet und ist in einer Beziehung mit Chloe Sullivan. James Bartholomew „Jimmy“ Olsen ist eine Haupt- und Nebenfigur einer Reihe von Comics, die seit von dem US-amerikanischen Verlag DC-Comics veröffentlicht werden. Er ist Hauptfigur der Comicserie Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen und eine Nebenfigur.

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Jimmy Olsen debuted alongside Colin Olsen as the Olsen Twins at the late tag team tournament to decide new Campeonatos challengers, but the two lost in the opening round to Cheech and Cloudy. This performance would earn them a regular spot on the CHIKARA roster. Jimmy Olsen #49 via | buy on eBay. DC Comics' Jimmy Olsen is a photo-journalist appearing in Superman. Olsen made his cameo in the Superman radio show in , though an anonymous copy boy resembling him made an earlier, brief appearance back in Action Comics #6. In , Olsen entered the comic in Superman #

Auf der Flucht, sondern vor allem ein Karrieresprungbrett, ich verstehe Jimmy Olsen nicht warum mich die Medien Jimmy Olsen Current Killer nennen, wer du bist - ein Fan von Action-Film oder Fan der Jugendserie. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Jimmy Olsen ist in Kinofilme 2021 Für Kinder jeder Adaption des Superman-Stoffes in anderen Medien als den Comics verwendet worden. Fotogalerien Starttermine Deutschland. Die Serie ist im Bereich des Abenteuercomics angesiedelt, weist aber auch Elemente des Fantasy -Genres und auch des Unterhaltungscomics auf. Während Kent und Lane Ereignissen als Reporter nachspüren und über diese Artikel schreiben, steuert Nacktszenen Game Of Thrones die Bilder für die Artikel bei. About Basics FAQs Serienmacher Episoden Episodenguide Tracklist Reviews Episodenreviews DVD-Rezensionen Interessante Ktv Stream Rückblicke Staffelreviews Charaktere Charakterbeschreibungen Liebeskolumnen Darsteller Darstellerbiographien Gundermann Trailer Charaktere Andere Serien Interviews Synchronsprecher Magazin Film Musik Veranstaltungen Fotogalerien Justice League Andy García America Lanarama Superman-Special Wand des Wahnsinns Was uns bewegt Shop Amazon Forum. Superman and Lois Lane Daily Planet. In latewhile Jack Larson was playing the character on the Adventures of Superman television show where he was Desperate Housewives Online Anschauen to as "Jim Olsen", the character was revived in the Superman comics after Unfall Auf A93 year absence and then given his own title. Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen is Superman's best pal, and his courage and bravery in the face of danger make him a hero in his own right. James Bartholomew „Jimmy“ Olsen ist eine Haupt- und Nebenfigur einer Reihe von Comics, die seit von dem US-amerikanischen Verlag DC-Comics veröffentlicht werden. Er ist Hauptfigur der Comicserie Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen und eine Nebenfigur. James Bartholomew „Jimmy“ Olsen ist eine Haupt- und Nebenfigur einer Reihe von Comics, die seit von dem US-amerikanischen Verlag DC-Comics. James "Jimmy" Olsen ist eine Fotograf und derzeitiger Geschäftsführer von CatCo Worldwide Media. Clark und Jimmy; Oliver und Jimmy; Jimmy und Davis. Weibliche Freundschaft / Beziehungen. Jimmy und Kara; Lois und Jimmy. Liebes Dreieck. Clark, Chloe.
Jimmy Olsen

First Appearance. SUPERMAN 13 Base of Operations. Related Characters: Superman. Lois Lane. Perry White. Lex Luthor. Jon Kent. Martian Manhunter.

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JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: THE BRONZE AGE VOL. He reconsidered his actions, but lost his job for wasting the timeslot.

He was again rehired by the Planet. Jimmy later came under the angry hand of the Alpha Centurion , an alternate universe dictator with a deep-seated hatred for Superman and eyes for Lois Lane.

It was Jimmy who first uncovered his secret plot to control the world's finances through his company Aelius Industries, Inc. Olsen is a central character in the twelve-part miniseries Superman: Metropolis beginning June Written by Chuck Austen and illustrated by Danijel Zezelj, the series focuses on the futuristic technology unleashed in Metropolis by Brainiac in a previous storyline and how it affects the everyday lives of Metropolis citizens.

Jimmy takes a position as a regular star reporter for The Daily Planet , replacing the recently demoted Clark Kent.

This caused a strain at the Planet. Jimmy's story in the —08 weekly series Countdown to Final Crisis begins with an investigation into the death of Duela Dent.

Briefly operating as the superhero Mr. Action, [26] Jimmy is unable to command the respect of established superheroes in the Justice League and Teen Titans.

He gives up on this particular avenue. Jimmy is eventually tracked down by the New God Forager , [28] with whom he begins a romantic relationship. Jimmy then transforms into a giant turtle-like creature, and prepares to take on Darkseid himself.

Ray Palmer then comes out of Jimmy with the New God soul battery, and destroys it, returning Jimmy to normal.

During Superman's fight with Atlas , Jimmy witnesses a mysterious figure hovering over the fight. After some encouraging words from Clark Kent, he decides to take two weeks off to investigate.

He tracks down a figure connected with the past of Jonathan Drew and is told the story of how Jonathan became Codename: Assassin. His informant is quickly executed by Codename: Assassin who then tries to kill Jimmy.

Jimmy is able to avoid being killed and is apparently shielded from Codename: Assassin's telepathy due to his own many physical transformations over the years.

Jimmy goes to Project Cadmus and speaks to Dubbilex , who tells him the story about the death of the original Guardian at the hands of Codename: Assassin and how cloning is such an imperfect science that the only viable clone alive went into hiding in the desert.

Dubbilex then dies from injuries sustained in an earlier conflict with Codename: Assassin. Jimmy heads south to the town of Warpath, AZ, managing to avoid conflict with Codename: Assassin on the way.

Upon arriving in Warpath, Jimmy interviews the sheriff, Greg Saunders , who evades his questions. Jimmy follows him after dark and sees Saunders working with the last Guardian clone.

He then confronts the clone at his home and the two speak. With his two weeks up, Jimmy returns to Metropolis horrified from learning that a faction within the U.

Despite being actively pursued by Codename: Assassin, who goes so far to place bugs in his house, Jimmy goes to the appointment, only to find Erik's house burned to the ground.

Jimmy pulls Erik out, who with his dying breath, shifts to his more reliable and powerful Erika form. Erik gives him Natasha Irons ' number.

Natasha contacts then Jimmy, telling him about the plans of General Sam Lane , his outworldly fortress and his capture, and use of a Planet Breaker weapon of Captain Atom , now codenamed Project Breach due to his similarity to Tim Zanetti 's fate.

Finally ready to uncover the truth, Jimmy is openly confronted by Codename: Assassin, who until that point had merely followed him closely.

Jimmy uses his signal watch to call Mon-El. Jimmy is shot twice in the chest by Codename: Assassin, and sinks into the ocean. With no one knowing about his survival, Jimmy moves into the old Pemberton Camera Factory, sharing the results of his now-unhindered investigations with Perry and Mon-El.

DC Comics has reported in solicits [ when? Silva will be producing a monthly page backup feature in Action Comics chronicling the adventures of Jimmy Olsen in Metropolis.

Reported story topics include an alien civilization choosing Metropolis as the base of a major cultural celebration, and the introduction of Chloe Sullivan from the Smallville television series to the DCU proper.

In the latest arc, he goes on a charity date with a girl named Maggie, only to discover that she somehow has ties to Mr.

Mxyzptlk , and that she wants to marry him. Jimmy possesses a watch which emits a high-pitched signal only Superman can hear.

In a story, he claimed it stopped working some time in the past, never worked particularly well in the first place, and contacted Superman through Morse code now, anyway, but still wore it for show.

Mostly during the Silver Age of Comic Books , Jimmy would find himself temporarily transformed, for better or worse, or undergo a disguise for various purposes.

The variety of transformations Jimmy received during the Silver Age is often homaged or parodied in later comics and adaptations featuring the character — for instance, in JLA: The Nail , Jimmy cites three of these transformations as his motivations behind backing Luthor's bill to outlaw metahumans and in Countdown , Jimmy is used as a spirit container for the deceased New Gods, causing him to exhibit strange powers, albeit uncontrollably, with other stories simply making passing references.

JLA: The Nail is set in an alternate reality in which a nail punctures a tire on the Kents' car, preventing them from finding the spaceship containing a baby Kal-El; subsequently, Kal-El never becomes Superman.

Jimmy Olsen, an aide to Metropolis Mayor Lex Luthor , is revealed to be the primary villain. Having discovered Superman's spaceship and using DNA samples to create numerous Bizarro clones , Luthor grafts Kryptonian DNA onto subjects who either die instantly or mutate before death, except Olsen.

The graft gives Olsen superpowers, but also drives him insane, mentally transforming him into a Kryptonian determined to replace human life with Kryptonian life.

Olsen plays up the public's fear of superheroes via propaganda, encouraging the popular view of them as alien invaders rather than the enhanced humans of the Justice Society, hoping to have them imprisoned so he can use their DNA as well in an attempt to create a stable template to create other new Kryptonians.

When his secret identity is revealed, he engages in a fight with the Justice League that spills into the local countryside. An Amish farmer attempts to stop Olsen but is blasted by his heat vision—which reveals that the farmer is the now adult Kal-El.

In this reality, an Amish couple had raised Kal-El as a pacifist encouraged to ignore worldly affairs so that he could walk in righteousness.

Olsen asks Kal-El to join him, claiming that they are virtually brothers with the same DNA. When Kal-El refuses, Olsen kills Kal-El's foster parents.

During the subsequent battle, Jimmy's body rejects the Kryptonian DNA, causing him to disintegrate. His last words to Kal-El are: "We should have been friends".

The Justice League asks Kal-El to join them, recognising that his DNA had just been a contributing factor to a chain of events that had driven Jimmy insane rather than bringing out something that was not there before.

In Frank Miller 's graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns , an older Jimmy Olsen James, as he is now called is featured as the writer of "Truth to Power", a Daily Planet article that recalls the age of heroes.

He helps Vicki Vale , whom he appears to be attracted to, escape from a hospital and giving her files on Batman and the Flying Graysons.

In Superman: Red Son , written by Mark Millar , Jimmy is depicted as an agent of the CIA , eventually becoming the director. He joins Dr. Lex Luthor in his Presidential bid and becomes Vice President.

In Superman: Kal , Jamie Olsen of the Middle Ages is an early alchemist, working with blacksmith's apprentice Kal to forge a suit of armor for Baron Luthor using metal acquired from a 'silver egg' that fell from the sky years ago.

Kal is killed in his final effort to slay Luthor. In the epilogue, Olsen tells his apprentice Merlin of his friendship with Kal, noting that Kal's last action was to hide away his indestructible sword until it would be needed.

In Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely 's All-Star Superman series, Jimmy is a successful reporter for the Daily Planet. He has a regular column in which he takes on unusual jobs for a day.

Issue No. After Superman is temporarily turned evil by black kryptonite , Jimmy saves him by injecting himself with a drug that briefly turns him into a version of Doomsday.

The television series Adventures of Superman co-starred actor Jack Larson , who appeared regularly as Jimmy Olsen.

Largely because of the popularity of Larson and his portrayal of the character, National Comics Publications DC Comics decided to create a regular title featuring Jimmy as the leading character, [2] which debuted with a September—October cover date.

Curt Swan was the main artist on the series for its first decade. In , a second title was introduced, Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane , which revolves around another supporting character in a similar fashion.

Lucy Lane was introduced in issue 36 April [4] and became an on-again, off-again romantic interest of Jimmy Olsen.

When Jack Kirby began working at DC in , he insisted on taking on this title since it was the lowest-selling in the publishing line and without assigned talent at the time, so he would not cost someone their job.

During his run, Kirby introduced many memorable characters, notably the Fourth World 's New Gods , Darkseid , Project Cadmus and Transilvane.

The faces of the Superman and Jimmy Olsen figures drawn by Kirby were redrawn by Al Plastino or Murphy Anderson. Lucy Lane was believed to have died in Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane March [15] but was later revived in a story in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen October Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen ; Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane ; and the short-lived Supergirl title launched in ended in by merging into the new omnibus title The Superman Family.

The new series continued the numbering from Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. A Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen special one-shot was published in December , following on from the " Atlas " storyline, and leading into Superman: New Krypton.

Many of the issues include Jimmy undergoing a transformation of some form. Jack Larson , who played Jimmy in the series, was approached with the idea of continuing the franchise as a spin-off for two new seasons of 26 episodes each to begin airing in Titled Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen , it would focus on a more serious angle of Olsen's rising career as a reporter and journalist with Larson reprising his role.

In place of Reeves, stock footage of Superman flying and a look-alike stunt double would be used to play the Man of Steel.

Disgusted at the thought of the producers trying to cash in and make money over the death of Reeves, Larson rejected the proposal, and the project went unmade.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comic book series. Cover of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 1. Art by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye. DC Comics Year By Year A Visual Chronicle.

After five years in the Caribbean, Olsen completed his MA at the University of Alabama and returned to writing, taking a job with a daily newspaper in Athens, Alabama for a year before becoming an editor back home in Minnesota.

This lasted four years before the thirst for adventure overtook him again and he was back in the diving business, traveling to dive destinations from the Caribbean to the South Pacific.

The short story collection At Sea and another novel, Red Sky at Morning will be appearing soon. Remember this? People were tired of smiley face and made a little joke.

Bullet in the head. What a clever thing.

Jimmy Olsen James "Jimmy" Olsen is the best friend of Clark Kent and Winn Schott, the ex-boyfriend/good friend of Kara Danvers, and the ex-boyfriend of Lucy Lane and Lena Luthor. Originally a photojournalist of the Daily Planet known for being friends with Superman, James became the art director of CatCo Worldwide Media in National City, where he helped. Jimmy Olsen is a photographer and reporter working for the Daily Planet in Metropolis alongside Clark Kent and Lois Lane underneath chief-editor Perry White. He is most well known as being a close personal friend to Superman, and has a signal watch to call him for help at any time. 1 History Origins Superman Death of Superman Up, Up and Away Countdown New Krypton 2. Jack Edward Larson (February 8, – September 20, ) was an American actor, librettist, screenwriter and producer best known for his portrayal of photographer/cub reporter Jimmy Olsen on the television series Adventures of Superman. Jimmy Olsen was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Jimmy Olsen is said to be the unnamed office boy in November 's Action Comics issue, Action Comics #6. Jimmy Olsen didn't truly appear. Jimmy Olsen appears in the film The Death of Superman, with Max Mittelman reprising his role. Jimmy Olsen appears in the film Superman: Red Son, voiced by Phil Morris as Luthor's faithful aide and Vice President before Luthor resigns and appoints him President of the USA. Video games. Mxyzptlkand that The Gifted wants to marry him. Archived from the original on April 22, See Crimson Avenger Lee Travis and Crimson Avenger Jennifer Lawrence Ungeschminkt more info and the previous timeline. BATGIRL: THE BRONZE AGE OMNIBUS VOL. Download as PDF Printable version. Comic Book Resources. Kirby Krackle Stan Lee Joe Simon Mainline Invoking Kirby: Genesis Kirby: King of Comics. Despite recent modernization efforts on Superman and his supporting characters, Jimmy Olsen has not been significantly changed in the Modern Age. In Season 6 's premiere "Zod", Jimmy appears in person played by Jimmy Olsen Ashmore on the staff of the Daily Www Sturm Der Liebe De and prefers to be called "James", and Gzsz 18.Mai addresses Clark Kent as "CK". Black Zero Fearsome Five Intergang Masters Ea Sports Manager Disaster Royal Flush Gang Secret Society of Super Villains Suicide Squad Superman Revenge Squad. CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS COMPANION DELUXE EDITION VOL. Ina second title was introduced, Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lanewhich revolves around another supporting character in a similar fashion.


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